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Virtual Institute on NanoFilms

The Organisation has been established in order to facilitate exchange amongst those within scientific community interested in nanofilms, their application and future technology. It is expected that bringing communities together combined with a greater unification of approach will lead to the generation of new ideas and a more effective and efficient administration of research projects and their financial management. It is also envisaged that the Organisation will bring about an improved integration of the European Institute of Technology and a further consolidation of the main European forces within nanofilm research and product development.Предлагаем онлайн купить дипломы о высшем образовании на официальном бланке ГОЗНАК.

As a direct development of a NoE European project, the Organisation will continue to promote scientific excellence and the development of a skills base and aims to a provide means of achieving and sustaining a high level of knowledge dissemination and education within the subject. Participation in new research programs will allow the Organisation to generate new knowledge and new technologies and by the organisation of Schools, Workshops and Conferences permit the effective dissemination of information and knowledge amongst its members.

As part of this professional community, the Organisation aims to provide for the continuity of the subject and its future success by setting up a sub-community constituted by graduate students and other junior scientists. It is anticipated that advanced teaching programs for the further education of those in the field will be provided, and as part of its drive towards excellence the Organisation intends to promote the mobility of these junior scientists throughout the European community.

The Organisation is aware that nanotechnologies are expected to play an important role in the future economic development of our community and the need to promote a rapid technology transfer from laboratory to commerce. The Organisation hopes to welcome as members companies, academic and research institutes, and SME’s in order to facilitate this information transfer.

How can I be associated to a VINF research program?
Periodically, calls for research proposals will be displayed on VINF portal and, if interested, you should contact the named project leader. You may also propose a research project to the VINF network and assume its leadership. Interested partners will then contact you for more information.

To whom belongs Intellectual Properties Rights (IPR) of a research project undertaken through the VINF?
VINF research projects are managed through a cooperative agreement in which IPR rules are defined. The VINF promotes joint ownership among the partners involved. These project partners (only those taking in this specific project) personalize the IPR sharing mode in the cooperation agreement prior to the commencement of the research activities. Pre-existing know-how brought to the project by partners is protected and remains the exclusive property of the declared inventor.

How can I enter VINF portal?
Once your membership form has been accepted and your membership fees paid, you will receive a personal user name and password to access the portal as well as a written user’s guide document. If needed, further assistance will be provided by the appropriate VINF team.

Who are VINF core partners?
The Virtual Institute on NanoFilms has been created from the EXCELL Network of Excellence set-up by the European Commission within the framework of FP6 research program. VINF is constituted by ten leading European institutions interested in nanofilms; their preparation, characterization and use.