What are JUCs

A new qualitative level of research and innovation is possible only on the advanced experimental basis. At the heart of it are multi-functional research complexes significantly extending the experimental opportunities and intensifying the process of the results implementation in the praxis.

The Joint Use Centers (JUCs) solve an important problem: they enable a broad circle of scientists and scientific teams carrying out researches on the basis of modern and expensive equipment, giving an opportunity to increase the efficiency of the usage of such equipment. The advantage consists also of concentrating not only the equipment, but also specialists perfectly coping with this equipment. At the same time of a significant importance for JUCs is the elaboration of its own long-term research programs taking into consideration requests from organizations concerned.

In Russia the work on creating of a national network of JUCs was started in the 80s of the past century and continued with the participation of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). Now this work is continued by the Federal Agency for Science and Innovations (FASI) in compliance with the top-priority measures for the implementation of the Policy Fundamentals of the Russian Federation in the area of the science and technology development for the period up to 2010 and future perspective in the frame of the Federal Task Scientific and Technical Program Researches and Developments in Priority Areas of the Science and Technology Development for 2002-2006 (FTSTP).

Starting since 2005 the JUC development was supported in the frame of the implementation of the measure Assistance in the Development of Joint Use Centers of Scientific Equipment of FTSTP.

FASI forms the JUC network taking into consideration the JUCs already existing in Russia and distribution of the scientific and technical potential by the countrys regions. The network of 56 JUCs created by FASI in 2005-2006 is a basis for forming regional node elements of the national JUC network being under construction and development.

The equipment status of organizations hosting Joint Use Centers can be characterized with the following data. As of December 1, 2006 56 JUCs accumulated 1,674 units of scientific equipment for a total cost over 500 M that amounts to about 5.5% of the cost of the home machine and equipment stock in the segment of researches and developments.

The JUC network development allows changing the negative trend of the scientific equipment stock ageing in short-terms. For instance, the JUC support in the frame of the FTSTP measures enabled renewing the centers instrumentation by 15% in 2005 and by 19% in 2006 as compared with 2004 and increasing the efficiency of frontier research and integrated studies.

The further development of the JUC network will be ensured by the implementation of the federal goal-oriented program Researches and Developments in Priority Areas of the Scientific and Technology Complex of Russia for 2007-2012 (in the frame of the implementation of the measure Development of the Net of Joint Use Centers of Scientific Equipment).

For implementation of the concerned measure the solution of the following basic problems has a top-priority:

    - creation of a modern instrumental basis by accumulating a high-precision expensive scientific equipment in JUCs and of multi-functional research complexes;
    - perfection of organizational and economic mechanisms for rendering services for various research organizations;
    - increasing the workload of the scientific equipment in JUCs by forming their own annual plans of researches and plans of researches by orders of organizations concerned;
    - ensuring the unity and reliability of measurements carried out on the equipment;
    - development of an integrated information environment in the JUC network;
    - supporting the development of home scientific schools, advanced training for researchers and attracting young specialists;
    - carrying out researches in priority areas of science, technology and engineering sophisticated at the global level.

In the perspective Joint Use Centers must become the key carrier units in countrys regions providing frontier research, integrated developments, implementation of significant innovative projects and contributing to increase of the young specialists interest to science.

This catalogue contains the information about the Joint Use Centers of scientific equipment founded and working in the scientific organizations of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), universities and other higher schools, etc.

The data in the catalog consider 56 JUCs that carried out scientific researches under state contracts with FASI in 2005-2006. The network of the Joint Use Centers of scientific equipment presented here covers all the federal districts of the Russian Federation.

The catalogue-comprised data on JUCs were obtained using the specialized information and analytical system for monitoring and developing the instrumental basis for scientific researches ( - Full version in Russian as PDF, issued by FASI in January 2007).

Moscow State University of Engineering Ecology. Center for Applied Studies. M., 2007. -149 p.

Prepared on the instructions of the Administration for Programs and Projects of the Federal Agency for Science and Innovations (FASI)

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