About NCP

Welcome to the website of Russian National Contact Point "Research Infrastructures"!

The National Contact Point “Research Infrastructures” has been established on 22nd February 2007 by the of the Russian Federation on the basis of the Technological University “Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys” ().

Our NCP’s main mission is to facilitate the cooperation between EU and Russia in the field of Research Infrastructures.

In order to accomplish it we carry out the following basic tasks:

  • providing information and consultation support to Russian scientific centers and organizations (in particular Research Infrastructures’ owners) on the 7th FP of the EU, including conditions and rules of participation, application, etc.;
  • promoting information to European scientific community about unique Research Infrastructures existing in Russia;
  • providing support by the search of European partners/users for Russian Research Infrastructures owners and other scientific organizations;
  • organization and hosting thematic events (conferences, seminars, information days, etc.), aimed at presenting Russian Research Infrastructure potential;
  • providing information on seminars, round tables, information days, exhibitions and other events on the thematic areas of FP7.